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10 Day Sugar Detox Diet (Meal Plan) by Omar's Organics

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Breakfast: Eggs and avocado and/or oatmeal with berries (see grocery list for types of berries)

  • You can only have fruit before 10am.

  • If you feel like its too much food just make smaller portions or eat over a longer period of time.

Lunch & Dinner:

Consists of lean protein and dark green vegetables.


  • Salmon & asparagus

  • Turkey & spinach

  • Chicken & broccoli

  • Tilapia & romaine lettuce salad

  • Grass fed beef & Swiss chard

Any combination above that works for you. Get creative.

We suggest that you make extra because you will be hungry and will need to eat whenever you are hungry.

Approved Snacks:

Avocados, raw almonds and eggs.

Yes, these three items only, or more of your lunch or dinner


Only drink water.

If you need coffee, drink it black with stevia (if needed).

No milk or creamer. A splash of unsweetened almond milk if absolutely needed would be ok.

Forbidden Items:

It is imperative that you stay away from ALL synthetic sweeteners & all processed foods, this includes deli meats. The chicken & turkey need to be cooked not processed.

Please be sure your fish is not farm raised. Must be wild caught due to the omega 3 fatty acids.

Miscellaneous Information:

  • Chicken and turkey can be added to salads.

  • Vinaigrette dressing or apple cider vinegar is ok.

  • Lemon & olive oil is the preferred dressing.

  • Mustard and salsa can be used for flavor.

  • Only cook food with olive oil.

Happy Detoxing!

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